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As a result of a musical partnership that began in 1986, TUBAX DUO was born from an interaction and permanent exchange of musical experiences that two good friends decided to put into action.

In fact, Sérgio Carolino and Mário Marques complement each other in several musical projects such as The Postcard Brass Band or Tubax Septet among others. At the same time, Tubax Duo is the group that gathers friendship and musical talent in a complicity of several years.

In order to explore the idiosyncrasies and melodic challenges of playing duo with two melodic instruments, Tubax Duo brings together the possibilities of musical coexistence between Mário Marques's saxophone and Sérgio Carolino's tuba without restrictions of genre or musical form.

Music by composers such as Howie Smith, Petri Keskitalo, Jon Hansen, Jeremie Dufort and arrangements of themes by John Zorn and Ennio Morricone give body to the Duo's first album.

L I N E R   N O T E S


"As a composer, I always listen to the interplay of the melodic lines and there are many jewels on this CD. What captures you is the wealth of the spectrum of sound and style that can come from two creative instrumentalists.


In addition to the pedigree of educational degrees and years of training with a touch of street savvy, what immediately becomes evident here is a kind of mind meld of Mr. Spock in two kindred spirits musically and conceptually. All the tracks capture a happy to BE feel and even Sparky the basset hound has two brief solos in Every Dog Has His Say and the ending duet between Sergio & Sparky adding to the bouyancy.


There is a crystal clarity with Sergio and Mario having complete command of their instruments. Listen for the dazzling display of multiphonics & harmonics on Mehalalot.


Kudos also for the energetic compositions & arrangements. Saxophonist, Mário Dinis Marques is a regular soloist with many orchestras in Portugal and received his PhD at the University of Évora where he is adjunct Director of the Dept. of Music. Sérgio Carolino is professor of tuba at Escola Superior de Musica, Artes e Espectáculo in Oporto, Portugal. He is an international clinician and performs as a soloist world wide and is also principal tubist with Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto - Casa da Música. This is definitely a class act."

Jerry Grant, Hollywood film & TV series famous composer 

M A N A G E M E N T / B O O K I N G

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