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Carolino | Delgado | Frazão



It could mean "The Greatest Band", but in this case, the acronym only refers to the instruments (in Portuguese): Tuba, Guitar and Bateria (Drums). TGB is a trio formed (2003) by some of the most acclaimed musicians in Portugal: Sérgio Carolino (Tuba), Mário Delgado (Guitar) and Alexandre Frazão (Drums).

They released their first album (Tuba, Guitar and Drums) in 2004 by Clean Feed Records. Since then, they have remained faithful to the well-known record label and released 'Evil Things' in 2010, 'III' in 2019 and 'Room 4' in 2024.

With their last two albums they could no longer be defined by the unusual instrumentation of a tuba, a guitar and a drum or even as a fusion trio. They emerged with idiosyncratic music, without borders and invincible. They mixed jazz, rock, folk, country and much more. TGB expanded their horizons in such a way and with such particular results that they went beyond any possibility of being qualified, reinventing their own space in an ode to the freedom to create music.

Everything serves the purpose of this adventure, from the pursuit of pleasure in the collective experience to the challenge of expectations.


milton sampaio
t: (+351) 938 671 027

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